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Software/Downloads Page


Updated 2-4-15

Latest Tuning/Utility Software Revisions

TunerStudioMS is the software application that is used to tune your MegaSquirt EFI controller. The latest version for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh can be found at

MegaLogViewer is the software application used to view datalogsThe latest version for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh can be found at

PortCheck - A handy utility used to diagnose and troubleshoot communication issues and firmware revisions.

Latest Firmware Revisions

The latest MS1/Extra, MS2/Extra, and MS3 codes are available from the download page.

Please note:  MegaTune is obsolete and no longer supported.  TunerStudio must be used for all MS2/Extra revisions greater than 3.1.0 and all variants of MS3.

If you need support for older firmware please visit the history page.

NOTE:  If you need MSPNP Tuning Software, see the main MSPNP site for Gen 2, or this site for Gen 1.


MegaSquirt Tuning Software

Note- Some downloads will require you to logon to the forums before the download link will appear.

  • TunerStudio MS - The latest tuning and Datalogging Software for MegaSquirt, Java based and therefore runs on Windows/Mac/Linux.
  • PalmLog - Datalogging and viewing software for the Palm

Other MegaSquirt Related Software

Note- Some downloads will require you to log on to the forums before the download link will appear.

  • MegaLogViewer -an application to view and graph MegaSquirt Log files. It will graph any field in your MegaSquirt(1, 2, 3, MSnS-Extra...) log file captured by TunerStudio, MegaTunix or Palm based MS-Logger. Written in Java to support all OS's and platforms.
    • You've simply got to use MegaLogViewer....  The log viewer is just the beginning, with the log based tuning capabilities (reference your current map and datalogs on the same screen and make tweaks as needed), and the VE Analyzer, there is a lot of power here!
    • After MegaLogViewer changes your life ;)-- and even though it's free and you're not obligated, please consider registering MegaLogViewer to thank Phil Tobin for his development effort, he's done this out of his own goodwill and I for one would like to see more cool tools like this!  Click here to toss him a bone...  We did.
  • EasyTherm - to simplify configuring your MegaSquirt-I to accept the substitution of non-standard temperature sensors and to upload software revisions. New link for V5.0 version. (Roger Enns)  (not needed for MS2 or MS3)

MegaSquirt Firmware / Customized Code

        Original B&G Code

        'Extra' Code

  • MS1/Extra - Full standalone functionality on the MS-I CPU by James and Phil. Formerly known as MSnS-E (MegaSquirt 'N' Spark - Extra)
  • MSII Extra - James and Ken have taken the MS-II firmware to the next level and now have a broader featureset than what is available in MS1/Extra based on the much faster hardware of the MS2 processor, check it out here...
  • MS3 - Ken and James did all of the MS3 Firmware Development right from the beginning, it pretty much rocks....

eMS-Pro documentation

Drivers for other offered hardware

Other Goodies

  • Bonneville Land Speed Racing ScreenSaver - This is a compilation of images from our 2006-2008 trips to SpeedWeek at Bonneville Raceway in Wendover, Utah where the fastest cars in the world compete for land speed records.  Our own sponsored driver Gary Hary took the AA/BGALT record in 2008 setting it to 240.984mph. 

To install this screensaver:

  • Right click the link above and 'save as' choosing to save the file to your C:\Windows folder on your computer.
  • Right click your desktop (the picture on your main screen when you first boot up and logon) and choose properties/personalize.
  • Choose Screen Saver.
  • From the drop down selection list, choose 'bonnevillescreensaver' from the list.
  • Click OK to save.

Older MegaSquirt Tuning Software and Utilities

  • MegaTweak3000 - (Outdated now, use the VE Analyzer in MegaLogViewer or VE Analyze Live in TunerStudio)  For refining your volumetric efficiency table from datalogged data. (Darren Clark)
  • PC Configurator - The original tuning software from Bowling and Grippo, it has fewer features than MegaTune.
  • MegaSquirt GUI - a prototype of a 16-bit Windows GUI for the MegaSquirt EFI controller project that will run on any Windows version from 3.1 and up.
  • VEXME - Wideband Tuning Software - Load your current VE MAP (.vex file) and setup your AFR targets and allow VEXME to generate an updated VE map for you.
  • MegaTune - for tuning and data logging MegaSquirt with a laptop computer running Windows 9x/ME/XP/Vista. 
  • MegaTunix Excellent tuning/datalogging software for Linux, Unix and Mac OS-X (and now cross-compiled for Windows) (Dave Andruczyk)



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