MS3-Pro Uncrimped AMPSEAL Connectors
MS3-Pro Uncrimped AMPSEAL ConnectorsMS3-Pro Uncrimped AMPSEAL ConnectorsMS3-Pro Uncrimped AMPSEAL Connectors

MS3-Pro Uncrimped AMPSEAL Connectors


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Product Description

Making your own harness? This plug and pin kit features the MS3-Pro AMPSEAL connectors plus 75 pins (so you’ll have a couple extras) for making your own MS3-Pro harness.

Download AMPSEAL Assembly Instructions


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Are these AMP connectors compatible with other MegaSquirt products?

  • No.  Even though other MegaSquirt products also use 35-pin AMP connectors, each connector has a unique keying, and each harness has a unique pinout.  These connectors are keyed to fit MS3-Pro ECU only and will not fit other products such as Microsquirt.  This is to prevent someone from accidentally damaging an ECU by using an incorrect harness.

How do I assemble this connector?

Where can I find the MS3-Pro Wiring Schematic for making my harness?

What tool do I need to crimp these pins?

  • The manufacturer's recommended crimp tool is TE Connectivity part number 58529-1. We currently do not stock this, but you can order this from many electrical supply companies, including Digi-Key or Mouser.