MS3 Knock Module Kit
MS3 Knock Module KitMS3 Knock Module KitMS3 Knock Module Kit

MS3 Knock Module Kit


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This add on board solders on top of the MS3 daughter board and gives you two channels of knock input that the MS3 can use to retard spark. Using this module will give you a much more sophisticated knock detection circuit than on any previous MegaSquirt knock detection. Features include a programmable bandpass filter, levels that change with RPM, the ability to assign different cylinders to different sensors, and different gain levels for each cylinder. See the MS3 manual for details.

We carried out our own testing with a Bosch 0 261 231 008 sensor – this is a broadband (non-resonant) sensor type that has no built in filtering, so it can be used with a wide variety of bore sizes. Similar Bosch sensors should also work (most of these only differ in their packaging). This knock module can also be used with tuned knock sensors if they are tuned to your engine’s bore size.

This board only works with MS3.

Note: If you are ordering the knock module with an assembled MS3, we can install it in the MS3 for an extra $15 charge. Please make a note of this in the Comments field when you place the order, or this will be shipped as a separate part. However, if you need an assembled MS3 with knock module installed, you may also want to consider the MS3-Pro, as this includes the knock conditioner and real time clock circuit as standard equipment.


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I have an engine with more than two knock sensors. Can I use multiple modules to read four knock sensors?

  • The MS3 only supports two knock sensors, but you should be able to make two sensors work for your engine.

Where is this board made?

  • The PCB is made in the USA and assembly takes place in Suwanee, Georgia, USA.

I ordered this installed in an MS3 V3.57. What pins will it use for the knock input?

  • Our solder tech will connect knock input 1 to DB15 pin 10 and knock input 2 to DB15 pin 11 unless you request other pins by special order.