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MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 - Assembled Unit
MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 - Assembled Unit
MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 - Assembled Unit
MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 - Assembled Unit
MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 - Assembled Unit

MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 – Assembled Unit

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MegaSquirt Stimulator Board v2.2 – Assembled Unit Part # MSStim22-C

(For all versions of the MegaSquirt, PCB 2.2, 3.0, and the newer surface mount 3.57 boards)

The Stimulator board allows you to fully bench-test all standard inputs and outputs on your MegaSquirt unit. It will apply power to the MegaSquirt ECU and allow you to simulate engine sensor inputs such as the ignition system RPM signal, the Intake Temperature Sensor, the Coolant Temperature Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor and the Oxygen Sensor. You can manipulate these signals via the potentiometer knobs on the stimulator to simulate different engine running conditions.

During assembly of your MegaSquirt ECU the stimulator is VERY highly recommended. The assembly documentation will actually direct you to use the stimulator to test the ECU at several points during assembly, allowing you to detect any issues before you move on while they are still easier to find and correct.

After assembly, or if you buy a pre-assemble ECU the stimulator will help you to get familiar with the MegaSquirt and the tuning software before ever attempting to install the ECU on your engine. This is also an excellent tool for testing your Megasquirt ECU while you are working through building your wiring harness. While not an essential or required tool it is highly recommended. If you don’t purchase a stimulator for yourself you should at least make sure you know someone who has one that you can borrow if needed.

We carry two types of Stimulators, this one and the JimStim. The classic Stim works for many traditional ignition setups – fuel control, most distributors, and Ford EDIS. The JimStim adds new functions to deal with newer distributorless ignitions, including being able to simulate missing tooth wheels and test multi-channel ignition outputs ignition outputs. We recommend this Stimulator for distributor ignitions without any exotic crank triggering, and the JimStim for best results if you have a distributorless ignition or missing tooth crank wheel. No matter what ignition you have, we’ve got something in the lineup to test it.

Click HERE if you’d like a power supply for your stimulator (no more batteries)

Understanding the MegaStimulator v2.2

There are 5 LEDs on the Stimulator, and 3 on the MegaSquirt. On the Stimulator, the 4 LEDs are:

  • IG (pin 36 Ignition Output) – lights when the ignition is fired on pin 36.
  • I2 (Injector #2) – lights when the second injector bank is grounded [injectors firing].
  • I1 (Injector #1) – lights when the first injector bank is grounded [injectors firing].
  • PMP (Fuel Pump) – lights when the fuel pump relay is grounded.
  • IDL (Fast Idle) – lights when the Fast Idle solenoid is activated.

On the MegaSquirt, there are three LEDs, which are:

  • Injectors – lights when either injector bank is instructed to be grounded [firing].
  • Warm Up Active – lights when Warm-up Enrichment (WE) is activated.
  • Accel Enrich Active – lights when Acceleration Enrichment (AE) is activated.

These LEDs all do separate things.

The Injector LED on the MegaSquirt lights when either Injector bank is commanded to fire, while the injector LEDs on the Stimulator light when each injector bank actually is grounded. The MegaSquirt LED will flash synchronously with the Stimulator Injector LEDs in simultaneous mode, and will flash twice as fast as either LED in alternating mode.

The Warm-up Enrichment values are separate entries in the software from the Fast Idle Threshold value, so these two LEDs will generally light at different, though similar, coolant temperatures.

The Fuel Pump LED is light whenever the fuel pump relay is grounded. Since the Stimulator puts out about 1 pulse per second minimum, and the MegaSquirt leaves the pump on for 2 seconds after the last ignition event, the fuel pump LED should be light whenever the Stimulator is plugged into the MegaSquirt.

By using these LEDs, and adjusting the RPM, coolant and air temperature, EGO, and throttle potentiometers on the MegaStimulator, while viewing the PC Configurator or MegaTune tuning software, you ought to be able to test every function of your MegaSquirt, except MAP function [for which you can suck and blow].

Power supply requirements:

  • 1 – 9V battery or a DC adapter meeting the following specifications:
    • 2 volts
    • 300 mA or greater
    • P5 plug
    • center positive polarity

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2 reviews for MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 – Assembled Unit

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What applications call for a JimStim, and when can I use a regular Stim instead?

  • The regular (V2.2) Stim can be used for installs when you are using just fuel control, a simple distributor, or a Ford EDIS ignition. The JimStim can do all that plus simulate missing toothed crank triggers, distributorless ignitions, and test considerably more inputs and outputs. We recommend using the JimStim if you anticipate that you might need any of these capabilities.

Do I need to fit anything in the P3 location?

  • P3 is a breakout header for output pins the Stim does not test. It does not normally have anything installed in this slot, but you can wire other test boards or devices, such as an IAC valve, to the breakout holes.

Where is this unit assembled?

  • We assemble them in-house here in Gainesville, Georgia, USA.

What sort of warranty does this have?

  • It has a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Questions & Answers

    Is it possible to use the Stimulator with the MicroSquirt product? If so, is there a premade cable or at least a drawing on how to make a cable.
  1. 0 votes
    Q Is it possible to use the Stimulator with the MicroSquirt product? If so, is there a premade cabl...... Read more
    Asked by Rick Jonah

    The JimStim lends itself better to use with a MicroSquirt. We do not offer a ready made cable for this application, but there is a guide in the JimStim documentation:

    Connecting a JimStim to MicroSquirt

  2. What's the difference between the MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 and the JimStim v1.5 MegaSquirt Stimulator with Wheel Simulator?
  3. 0 votes
    Q What's the difference between the MegaSquirt Stimulator v2.2 and the JimStim v1.5 MegaSquirt Stim...... Read more
    Asked by Luis

    The regular Stimulator can only simulate a trigger with equally spaced pulses - an old fashioned distributor or a Ford EDIS module. The JimStim can simulate more sophisticated crank trigger patterns and test more inputs and outputs.  If you anticipate that you might need to control distributorless ignition in the future, I'd recommend starting with the JimStim; the price difference isn't much, and it adds significantly more capability.

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