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MegaSquirt-3 with PCB V3.0 Kit

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MegaSquirt-3 with PCB V3.0 Kit


Add the optional Q16 high current coil driver

Bosch BIP373 Coil Driver Mod Kit – optional


Important Note:  Due to supply chain challenges and the lack of ability to have parts anodized at this time, we are transitioning to brushed silver enclosures.  We appreciate your understanding.  

Included is a MegaSquirt-III Engine Management System w/PCB3.0 – Unassembled Kit Part # MS330-K

This MS330-K_BL kit includes everything you will need to build your MegaSquirt-3. The genuine B&G partial kit with V3.0 PCB, everything in the standard Bill Of Materials, the MS3 daughter board kit, the case, pre-machined endplates and heatsink bar, even the tube of heatsink compound and a bit of jumper wire is included. All you add is tools, solder, and time! The MS3X Xpander board is sold separately and allows you to fully take advantage of the MegaSquirt-3, including 8-cylinder sequential injection, 8 ignition outputs allowing 8-cylinder coil on plug, nitrous control, and more. Add a tuning cable to your order if you don’t have one already. 

The BIP373 coil driver is sold separately and is only required for direct coil control. If you are using “smart” coils with internal or ignition modules or “dumb” coils with external ignition modules, you do not need any BIP373 drivers.  You only need BIP373 if you have a dumb coil and do not have an ignition module.  

MS330-K Kit Bill Of Materials (BOM) Includes:

  • MS3 Daughter Card
  • All ‘Basic Components’, including 2.5 bar MAP sensor
  • PWM Flyback Damping Circuit components
  • Hall Sensor/Coil(-) and VR Sensor Ignition Trigger Components
  • Current Limiting Circuit Components

The MS3 daughter card on its own will give you all these features and more:

  • VE and ignition tables are now both 16 x 16
  • 0.1% steps on VE table, 0.1 degree steps on ignition table
  • Socket for an onboard SD card – no laptop required for data logging  (SD Card not included)
  • Built in USB port
  • GM stepper IAC control
  • Closed loop idle and mixture control
  • CANBus communications for interface with GPIO Board, IO Extender, or other devices
  • Staged injection
  • Native support for many different OEM trigger patterns

The MS3 also gives you a starting point for even more expansion. You will be able to connect the headers on this board to additional hardware, such as the MS3X board to enable features like these:

  • 8 channels sequential fuel control
  • 8 channel sequential ignition control
  • Individual fuel and spark trim for cylinder by cylinder tuning
  • 2 and 3 channel PWM IAC control
  • 2 stage nitrous controller
  • Table switching for multi-fuel engines
  • 2 step launch control
  • And more!

For complete MS3 documentation, see


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14 reviews
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14 reviews for MegaSquirt-3 with PCB V3.0 Kit

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    What inputs and outputs are provided with this kit?

    • It includes the circuitry needed to connect to the following sensors and outputs:
      • Coolant temperature
      • Intake air temperature
      • 2.5 bar MAP sensor (onboard)
      • Oxygen sensor – narrow band or wideband with external controller
      • Throttle position sensor
      • On/off fast idle valve
      • Stepper fast idle valve
      • 2 injector output channels
      • Tach input – Hall effect, optical, or VR sensors supported
      • Single direct coil control spark output
      • Onboard data logging
    • Adding an MS3X expansion card will add sequential injection, eight logic level spark outputs, and more.

    I’ve seen a mention of an MS3 Daughter Card. Do I need to order that separately?

    • No. The MS3 daughter card is included as part of this kit.

    Does this kit include a MAP sensor?

    • Yes, there is a 2.5 bar MAP sensor included. It is a small UFO-like item in a static resistant bag and will not look like a conventional GM MAP sensor.

    What firmware does it have?

    • The daughter card ships without firmware. You will load firmware during assembly.

    Questions & Answers

    1. 0 votes

      This includes the case and everything for the main board including jumper wires. Other add on boards that you can use with the MS3, such as the MS3X expansion board, knock module, and real time clock module, are sold separately.

    2. 0 votes

      Most components have a -40 to +85 degrees C rating at a minimum - the main exceptions are SD cards and, if you're using a real time clock module, the battery for the clock module. But the SD card and real time clock are not "mission critical", if you're entering a Siberian rally.

      You'll need to Locktite all internal fasteners to avoid vibration, and clamp the wiring harnesses to the body about 15 cm from the backshell exit.

      If this is something like a trophy truck or similarly extreme use, consider an MS3Pro EVO.

    3. 0 votes
      Q Where is R57 answer now
      Asked on February 28, 2018 10:52 am

      Somewhere in the trashcan of MegaSquirt history. An early bill of materials for the V3.0 board used a different part for Q16 which required a pull-down resistor on its input pin. The VB921 that was originally used for Q16 in early production V3.0s, and the later BIP373, do not require this. Consequently, no standard build guide or bill of materials for the V3.0 board has ever called for anything in the R57 slot.

    4. 0 votes

      MS3 solves this problem by using six individual spark outputs and skipping the two EDIS modules.

    5. 0 votes

      Yes, the MS3 can run this engine - including VANOS with the right mods. You will need to convert to a cable operated throttle body, and if using the BMW coils, you'll need a pair of QuadSpark ignition modules.

    6. 0 votes

      TunerStudio Lite is a free download, available at this link. You can purchase the registered version from the TunerStudio site at the "Register Online Now" page. Currently, only ECUs in the MS3Pro family (MS3Pro EVO, MS3Pro Ultimate, and MS3Pro PNP) include the registered version; for all other ECUs, this is sold separately.

    7. 0 votes

      Yes. It would communicate with the MicroSquirt over the CAN bus. You just need to run two wires during assembly to bring the CAN connection to the DB37 connector.

    8. 0 votes

      You will need to add the MS3 knock module kit to best make use of a knock sensor, and I would also recommend the MS3X expansion board. The MS3 also supports vehicle speed sensor input.

    9. 0 votes

      We include a solder cup DB37. The RS232 and USB cables are sold separately - as an off the shelf cable is fine for the communication side of things, we don't sell solder cup DB9 or USB connectors.