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MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3 - Assembled Unit
MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3 - Assembled Unit
MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3 - Assembled Unit
MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3 - Assembled Unit
MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3 - Assembled Unit

MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3 – Assembled Unit

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MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3.0; Assembled Unit Part # MS230-C

Note: We have discontinued offering the V3.0 in assembled units and replaced it with the MegaSquirt-II V3.57. This page is listed for reference only.

This MS230-C unit is fully assembled using the genuine B&G partial kit with PCB3.0 and all available circuitry options as listed:

  • All ‘Basic Components’
  • PWM Flyback Damping Circuit components
  • Hall Sensor/Coil(-) and VR Sensor Ignition Trigger Components
  • IGBT High Current Ignition Driver Components
  • Current Limiting Circuit Components
  • Jumpered for 5 volt EDIS output

Includes verything you need to get an engine up and running with many ignition setups out there.

The MegaSquirt 2 Standalone EMS is truly the dream ECU computer for the DIYer. This latest rendition can control fuel, ignition, stepper motor IAC, and more for your turbo, supercharged, or naturally aspirated engine. More information about MegaSquirt-II can be found HERE

MegaSquirt II includes all of the features and benefits of the original:

  • Onboard MAP sensor for NA or boosted engines up to 21psi!
  • Speed density or Alpha-N.
  • Use any injector – High or Low impedance.
  • Compatible with output from narrowband sensors and wideband O2 systems.
  • Log data on your laptop for later analysis.
  • Tuning software is free for download and regularly updated with new features.
  • Source code and hardware information is available online allowing you to customize things beyond the massive featureset already available if you choose.
  • Includes proper female DB37 connector and shell for building your wiring harness.

Additional Features 

  • 24 MHz HCS12 processor
  • Fuel control to 1 µsec (100 times more resolution than MegaSquirt-I)
  • Ignition control (full spark timing advance control, dwell control, etc) for one coil/distributor (7 pin HEI for example) and Ford’s EDIS systems
  • On-board stepper motor driver for IAC stepper control (we install the jumpers for this by default)
  • Ford PWM idle valve firmware support
  • Built-in rev limiter, either ‘fuel cut’ or ‘spark retard’
  • All tables are now 12×12 in size
  • WBO2 AFR target table (in AFR units)
  • Independent dual-tables for VE and AFR target
  • EGO feedback in wide-band mode is proportional to the difference between the measured AFR and the target AFR, the bigger the difference, the bigger the feedback step
  • Spark advance table can have different rpm and kpa bins than VE and AFR tables
  • 115,200 baud serial interface with MegaTune2.25+
  • CANbus networking
  • Barometric correction amount and direction configurable in software, and provisions for:
    • Barometric correction based on initial MAP reading
    • Independent 2nd barometric MAP sensor for continuous real-time baro correction
    • Or no baro correction.
  • TPS values for open loop and flood clear mode are user configurable
  • MAP based open loop can be set as well as TPS
  • Both TPS and MAP based accel enrichment is built into the code, you can configure the ratio of each
  • Blended Alpha-N and speed density is an option
  • 2 spare I/O lines for custom controls. (This is in addition to 4 lines for Idle stepper control if you don’t need this, or the Fast idle solenoid then becomes a spare if you do use a stepper motor.)

DIYAutoTune Completed Units also Feature:

  • Extruded Aluminum case with CNC machined flanged ends for easy mounting and a perfect fit!
  • The crystal and all nuts are glued in place to reduce sensitivity to vibrations.  

Fully upgradeable to MegaSquirt III Fuel and Ignition Controller

This unit can be upgraded to MegaSquirt 3 adding significant extra I/O capabilities including 8cyl ignition and sequential fuel control

Available Source code means Endless Development

As with the original MegaSquirt EFI system, the MegaSquirt 2 is an open project allowing anyone to customize the hardware and code to meet different needs.   This firmware’s featureset has grown hugely and continues to be refined.  If there’s a feature you’re after, chances are MS2/Extra can do it!

  • Wheel decoding for a stack of different ignition system trigger wheels
  • Coil on plug/wasted spark ignition
  • 16×16 Volumetric Efficiency (VE) and 12 x 12 Ignition Tables
  • Boost control
  • Shift Light control
  • Water Injection control
  • Knock Sensor Input
  • Staged Injection
  • 2 Stage Nitrous Control
  • And plenty more!

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1 review for MegaSquirt-II Engine Management System w/PCB3 – Assembled Unit

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    What inputs and outputs is the MS2 V3.0 set up for?

    • It is set up for basic fuel control and single channel logic level spark output, with the following inputs and outputs:
      • Coolant temperature
      • Air temperature
      • MAP sensor (built in)
      • Throttle position sensor
      • O2 sensor – narrow band or external wideband controller
      • Single RPM input – Hall / Optical
      • On/off or stepper idle control – unused idle control outputs can be repurposed as general purpose relay control outputs
      • Fuel pump relay
      • Two fuel injector banks
      • One 5 volt logic level spark output
      • CANbus

    What firmware does it have?

    • The MS2 V3.0 ships with the latest MS2/Extra code. The code it initially shipped with will be indicated on a sticker on the underside of the unit.

    Where is it built?

    • The components are assembled at various locations in the US, with final assembly completed in Gainesville, Georgia.

    What is the warranty?

    • We provide a one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

    Questions & Answers

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