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DIYPNP Bosch 55 Pin Unassembled Kit

DIYPNP Bosch 55 Pin Unassembled Kit

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Complete kit contains everything you need to assemble a DIYPNP ECU for cars with the 55 pin Bosch connector. Includes MicroSquirt module and case. Fits many European cars and several others. This application list is based on US market models; there are also some European market cars that used this connector not listed here.

Available Features / Technical Specifications, Based on MS2/E Firmware Version 3.0.3 or later

  • OEM ECU Connector to plug right into the factory harness!
  • Speed Density, Alpha-N and Hybrid Alpha-N (both SD and A-N algorithms hybridized) Supported
  • Onboard 2.5 bar MAP sensor
  • 2 Ignition Inputs (for dual wheel ignitions)
  • 4 Spark Outputs (Up to 4 Cylinder Coil On Plug, up to 8 Cylinder Wasted Spark)
  • Natively support two fuel outputs for batch or bank-to-bank fueling.  Optionally upgrade to 4cyl sequential or 6/8 cyl semi-sequential with this module.
  • Rotary Ignition Support
  • Enhanced Acceleration Enrichment (EAE)
  • Boost Control
  • Knock Control
  • Launch Control
  • Flat Shift
  • Tachometer Output
  • Fully Adjustable Rev Limiter
  • Table Switching
  • 4 General Purpose Outputs
  • 4 General Purpose Inputs  (2 analog, 2 digital)
  • Support for Flex Fuel
  • Optional Realtime Baro Correction
  • Closed Loop O2 Correction
  • Plenty of Proto Area, add your own customizations!
  • There’s more than we could list here– click this link to view the full feature list of MS2/E.
  • Also- you can click this link for the official DIYPNP Product Page Feature List which includes the above list plus a hardware level feature list (that tells you not just what you can do, but what hardware is available to do it)

Note:  Some of the features listed above use the General Purpose Inputs/Outputs.

Application List

A partial list of what cars this connector fits is shown below.  For more details including a list of vehicles we have detailed documentation and startup maps for, click here.

AudiS4all19921994*Flywheel trigger & 5 cylinder COP may not be compatible with current firmware
AudiS6all19951995*Flywheel trigger & 5 cylinder COP may not be compatible with current firmware
AudiQuattroV819901994*Flywheel trigger may not be compatible with current firmware
BMW325M2019871992* Check before ordering – a few 1987 and 1988 models used a 35 pin connector.
Peugeot405all gasoline19891992Fits many European models not listed
Volvo960B6304F19921995* Later 1995 models are OBD-II and use a different connector. Check before ordering.

NOTE: Since many of these cars used a 3 wire IAC valve, we’ve included all the parts needed to construct a 3-wire IAC circuit in this kit on the adapter board.

Also many models on this application list use an internal ignitor so this kit includes one BIP373 internal ignition driver.  You can optionally add up to three more to your DIYPNP for direct-fired wasted spark or COP conversions.


This board supports up to four BIP373 ignition drivers which are not included in order to keep your cost down since most of you won’t need them for running your stock setup. If your application does require internal ignition drivers (again, most do not) you can add BIP373 ignition drivers to your kit.  We offer a DIYPNP BIP373 mod-kit which includes the BIP373, Heatsink, and mounting hardware here.

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2 reviews
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2 reviews for DIYPNP Bosch 55 Pin Unassembled Kit

  1. 5 out of 5

    I absolutely love this kit. I've been running it for 3+ years in my e34 with FI.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Turbo E30 guys this is the hot ticket for the DIYer. And it will support your crank trigger upgrade as well as wasted spark ignition.

    Was this review helpful to you? 2 of 2 people found this review helpful

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How is the DIYPNP different from an MSPNP, besides being a solder it yourself kit?

  • The DIYPNP and MSPN Gen 2 are closely related. Both use the MicroSquirt Module at their core and run MS2/Extra firmware. The MSPNP adds a couple extras - an improved knock circuit, peak and hold injector drivers, and a 4 bar MAP sensor with a 1 bar barometric correction sensor. Other than that, they are very similar.

Can I use an MSPNP map in a DIYPNP?

  • Yes, but you will get a couple warnings when it loads as some of the output pins have different names (and the outputs may also be on different pins depending on how you built the DIYPNP). You will need to confirm that the outputs are on the right pins before you attempt to start the engine.

Can I use a Stimulator or JimStim with a DIYPNP?

  • This is fairly difficult - you will need to make an adapter harness with the same pinout you have built for the DIYPNP. You can, however, power the DIYPNP directly from a 12V power supply for loading firmware and other bench tests.

Can this fit in the stock ECU location?

  • The DIYPNP is taller than a stock ECU. We have confirmed it won't mount to the factory kick panel bracket in Fox body Mustangs. Fitment in other applications is uncomfirmed.

Can I buy a fully assembled DIYPNP?

  • DIYPNPs are only sold in kit form, but we may have a ready to run plug and play option for your vehicle in the MSPNP line. Please see our line of pro and PNP options to determine if we have one for your car.

Questions & Answers

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    We currently don't have the 35 pin connectors, but you could hack one out of a junkard ECU (these were also pretty common on '80s era Volvos) and make a patch harness. MS3 supports flywheel triggering if you have a 135 tooth flywheel. Or you can install the later M20B25 crank trigger; this works with most MegaSquirt variants.

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