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Cam Sync Distributor
Cam Sync Distributor
Cam Sync Distributor
Cam Sync Distributor
Cam Sync Distributor
Pigtail Connector for Chevrolet Cam Sync Distributor

Cam Sync Distributor



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Distributor replacement cam sync for standard deck V8 Chevy big block and small block engines. Also fits 4.3 V6. This replaces the distributor and will generate a 1X cam sync for use with EFI. It generates one 180 degree long pulse per cam revolution (sometimes called a half moon pattern) and can be combined with a crank trigger to allow for sequential EFI fuel control and wasted spark or sequential ignition control. Works with MegaSquirt, MS3Pro, and other common EFI controllers.

Allows sequential injection with MS3Pro or Megasquirt-III ECUs, or controlling a distributorless ignition when used with common crank triggers such as 36-1, 60-2, or 4 equally spaced on a V8 or 3 equally spaced on a V6.

A Metri-Pack wiring pigtail is included. This picture shows the pin numbering looking into the pins:

Cam sensor Micro-Pack connector diagram.

Pins and colors on our pigtail are:

  • A: Sensor ground. (Orange)
  • B: Cam signal output. (Black)
  • C: 12 volt switched power. (White)

The sensor has a built in 1.6K pull up, so no external resistors are needed.

Click here to view the complete manual.

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