Assembly Guide

Our VVTuner kit comes with all the parts needed to assemble the VVTuner Camshaft Control Module. All you need is a soldering iron, solder (we do not recommend lead free solder; we use 63% tin / 37% lead flux cored solder in our own work), a wire cutter, and basic hand tools. You’ll need a laptop and 2.5 mm stereo serial cable to tune it, but no programming is necessary.

The kit has all the parts packed in separate, labeled bags. You’ll want to organize them by letter before you start assembling the board. The length marked on each bag is how far apart the holes on the board are, if you are pre-bending the parts. Each letter stands for a different type of component:

C: Capacitor
D: Diode
F: Fuse
J: Jumper / Connector
L: Inductor
Q: Transistor
U: Integrated circuit (chip)
X: Crystal

Note – the VVTuner PCB is getting redesigned for simpler assembly. Directions for assembly will be released at the same time we release the unassembled kits.