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Transmission & VVT Control

Our products & accessories to handle late model automatic transmission control and Mazda Miata variable valve tuning.

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  • HSD-4 High Side Driver with 4 channels


    Have an application with a lot of small solenoids that need 12V power and rapid switching? Don't want the expense of a bank of four separate solid state relays, each rated for five times the current each solenoid needs? This module lets you run up to four...

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  • Power and Ground 14 Gauge Wire Bundle – 20′ Long


    Need some heavier wiring for power and ground? This 14 gauge automotive-grade wire can handle up to 20 amps per wire and use high temperature TXL insulation to stand up to high temperatures under the hood.We include four 20' lengths of wire:Soli...

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  • 6 Circuit Switch Panel


    Six circuit race car switch panel with heavy duty switchgear. This includes one momentary switch for your starter, and five lighted on-off switches. The on-off switches have resettable circuit breakers instead of fuses, so if you need to get your race veh...

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  • DB15 Metalized Plastic Backshell


    Metalized plastic backshell for the DB15 spare I/O connector, as used on our DIYPNP, VVTuner, and V3.57 boards.

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  • Weather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector Kit


    Use this giant 22 Position Weather Pack connector to run wires through a firewall or as a quick disconnect for your engine harness, or other components that need a lot of wires.Includes:(1) 22 position male and female connector (13) 20-18 gauge m...

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