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MicroSquirt Transmission Controller

The MicroSquirt transmission control firmware allows you to use a MicroSquirt to control a number of electronic automatic transmissions (gearboxes). It can work standalone or integrate with a MegaSquirt ECU over CANbus.

MicroSquirt transmission control applications:

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  • 6 Circuit Switch Panel


    Six circuit race car switch panel with heavy duty switchgear. This includes one momentary switch for your starter, and five lighted on-off switches. The on-off switches have resettable circuit breakers instead of fuses, so if you need to get your race veh...

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  • Weather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector Kit


    Use this giant 22 Position Weather Pack connector to run wires through a firewall or as a quick disconnect for your engine harness, or other components that need a lot of wires.Includes:(1) 22 position male and female connector (13) 20-18 gauge m...

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