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MS3Pro Accessories

Additional harnesses, sensors, connectors and other components for use with MS3Pro.

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  • Power and Ground 14 Gauge Wire Bundle – 20′ Long


    Need some heavier wiring for power and ground? This 14 gauge automotive-grade wire can handle up to 20 amps per wire and use high temperature TXL insulation to stand up to high temperatures under the hood.We include four 20' lengths of wire:Soli...

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  • 6 Circuit Switch Panel


    Six circuit race car switch panel with heavy duty switchgear. This includes one momentary switch for your starter, and five lighted on-off switches. The on-off switches have resettable circuit breakers instead of fuses, so if you need to get your race veh...

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  • 4-way Modular Fuse Block


    Delphi (Packard) 4 position modular fuse block. Exactly the same thing that OEMs have been using in their wiring harnesses for decades. We've included 10 crimp on terminals, and left them on a bus bar which you can cut as needed to put several fuses on a ...

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  • D-Sub Connector Pin Removal Tool


    Need to remove a pin from one of our assembled MegaSquirt harnesses? These little tools are what you need to release the pins from a D-Subminiature connector so you can pull the wire out.

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  • Weather Pack Pin Removal Tool


    This tool makes de-pinning Weather Pack connectors a simple snap or poke.Just pop the seal retainer off, poke the tool in from the terminal side, slipping the tool over the terminal all the way in to release the latch, and pull the wire out from the...

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  • Mounting Plate for Twin 22 Pin Weather Pack Connectors


    22 pin Weather Pack connectors are great for running harnesses through the firewall, but what if you want a really clean hole for them and only have a jigsaw? We've made it easier now to get show car looks without show car fabrication equipment, with this...

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  • Fuel Injector Pigtails – Bosch EV6


    EV6 Style Fuel Injector Connector with 6" Wire PigtailFits many applications; among them several GM applications and the Dodge/Plymouth Neon/Charger/Challenger and others.The wire used is 18 gauge GXL high temperature automotive wire.

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  • Weather Pack 22 Position Bulkhead Connector Kit


    Use this giant 22 Position Weather Pack connector to run wires through a firewall or as a quick disconnect for your engine harness, or other components that need a lot of wires.Includes:(1) 22 position male and female connector (13) 20-18 gauge m...

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  • Fuel Injector Connector – Bosch EV6


    EV6 style Fuel Injector connector with uncrimped pinsFits many applications; among them several GM applications and the Dodge/Plymouth/Neon/Charger/Challenger and others.Includes one connector and three uncrimped pins (one extra just in case)

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