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MegaSquirt 2

MegaSquirt 2 (MS2) is the second generation, available pre-assembled or as a kit for self-assembly, targeting engines with semi-sequential or batch-fire fuelling and wasted spark ignition. The MegaSquirt 2 shares the same software as the MicroSquirt but most options will require hardware customization. The software is ready to support a wide variety of engines out of the box, with the ability to control anything with one to eight cylinders with batch fire fuel injection and up to four channels of logic ignition. Over 40 different ignition modes are supported, from mainstream applications like the GM LS1, Ford Zetec, Bosch Motronic, and Chrysler Gen III Hemis to unusual modes like Renix Jeeps and the Suzuki Swift GTI.

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  • Jumper 10-Pack

    5 out of 5

    10-pack of wire jumpers in 5 colors. These fit 0.1" headers and are used on the JimStim to make connections for testing additional circuitry.   There are several other uses for them too.

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  • DB15 Metalized Plastic Backshell


    Metalized plastic backshell for the DB15 spare I/O connector, as used on our DIYPNP, VVTuner, and V3.57 boards.

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  • Zeal Engineering Daughterboard with Dual VR Conditioners


    The Zeal Engineering Daughterboard was designed and developed by Ken Culver, one of the authors of the MS2/Extra and MS3 firmware.  We're proud to now offer this daughter card in kit form. It was originally developed for the FC RX-7, but we have found it...

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  • Metal DB37 Cover with Hardware & Gaskets

    4 out of 5

    Metal DB37 Cover with Hardware and Gaskets This Metal DB37 cover is perfect for building up your own Megasquirt wiring harness or relay cable connector.

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  • DB37 Metalized Plastic Backshell


    This is the 937GME-ND metalized plastic backshell cover included in our basic Megasquirt kits. It's not the same as the massive AMP metal cover used on our harnesses (that's sold on its own under wiring components), but it is cheap and effective if you're...

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  • DB37 Solder Cup Connector


    DB37 female solder cup connector, as included in our Megasquirt and relay board kits. Use this if you're making a new harness and prefer a soldered connection. This is the connector only; the backshell is sold separately.

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