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MegaSquirt Assembled

Want the power and flexibility of a full MegaSquirt engine management system but don’t want to handle the assembly yourself? Then check out our full line of MegaSquirt 2, MegaSquirt 3 and MicroSquirt assembled systems that allow you to skip the self-assembly steps that are required with our standard MS kits. We offer most of our MegaSquirt systems as kits or assembled units to give you plenty of tuning options for your budget and needs.

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  • MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle – Long


    MegaSquirt Wiring Bundle8' TXL wire, color coded with labeling printed on the wire every 3 inches -- no paper tags here! IAC and Ignition wires are included for MS-I / MS-2 use (or MS-3 Primary Harness use) Shielded Ignition input wireGrea...

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  • MegaSquirt 3X Wiring Bundle – 23″


    MegaSquirt MS3X Wiring Bundle - Length = 23"~23" of TXL High temp automotive grade wire. Color coded wiring with labeling printed on the wire every 6 inches -- no paper tags here! Use with MS3X Expansion board or other sequential deviceJ...

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  • DB15 Pigtail Harness


    DB15 pigtail harness. Used for optional outputs on the expansion connector on V3.57 boards and for the V1.2 version of the MSPNP Gen 2 (the version with the red main board).

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  • DB37 Solder Cup Connector for MS3X


    To make sure you can't accidentally switch the upper and lower harnesses, the MS3X harness uses a male DB37 connector instead of a female one.  We've packaged a DB37 male solder cup connector and a metalized plastic backshell for your MS3X builds. See t...

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