Stainless Steel EGT 1/8″ NPT Compression Fitting


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Need a weld-free way to add EGT fittings to a cast iron manifold? Drill and tap it for 1/8″ NPT pipe thread and bolt one of these in! Works with our Red Avenger and Black Stinger thermocouples.


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What diameter EGT probes does this work with?

  • It will hold a 3/16" diameter probe.

What size drill should I use?

  • Use a "Q" letter size drill or 0.332" for best results. A 21/64" drill bit will work if you only have fractional sizes. If you happen to have metric drill bits, this is very close to a 8.5 mm drill.

What do I do if I need to remove the probes? Your notes on EGT port caps indicate they don't work with these fittings.

  • Unscrew the bung and cap the hole with a standard 1/8" NPT pipe plug.