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Refurbished QuadSpark

Refurbished QuadSpark Four Channel Ignition Module


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Waterproof and capable of handling plenty of current, each channel of the Refurbished Quadspark Ignition Module needs a 5 volt logic level signal.

Perfect for running IGN-1, IGN-1FD, IGN-4, or IGN-6 coils. Or use them with OEM distributor-less ignitions that don’t have the ignition module built into the coil, such as the coils found on many Ford, BMW, or Chrysler coil on plug or wasted spark applications.

Complete Refurbished QuadSpark documentation

Refurbished Quadspark heat sink, PCB, and final assembly all made in the USA – some of the electrical parts like the German BIP373s are imported.

ALL REFURBISHED ITEMS have been tested, repaired if necessary, re-tested and have passed identical quality assurance testing as first quality. You should expect refurbished items to have reasonable cosmetic wear and tear such as scratches, small dents and mounting marks that will not affect the item’s normal operation.

All refurbished items arrive with a 30 day warranty and are considered FINAL SALE.

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Where is this product manufactured?

  • Quadspark is proudly manufactured in Suwanee, Georgia, USA.

How does this wire up to my ECU?

Is it possible to use this ignition module with a brand [enter your brand here] ECU?

  • Quadspark should be compatible with any ECU that outputs a standard 5V DC logic ignition signal, but we do not have specific directions for using this ignition module with non MegaSquirt ECU products.

What type of power transistors are used in the Quadspark?

  • Quadspark uses genuine Bosch BIP373 power transistors.  We have found these to be very capable ignition drivers and exceedingly reliable.

C’mon, do I REALLY need to hook up all the ground wires?

  • YES!  Superior grounding is the foundation upon which a strong ignition system is built.  If wired and used correctly, the Quadspark module is a powerful and reliable inductive ignition module.

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