Red Avenger Closed Tip EGT Probe


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Measure your exhaust gas temperature with this enclosed tip EGT probe. It is a K type thermocouple with an 8 foot lead. Works with our CAN-EGT, Innovate TC-4, LMA-3, or DL-32, and many other temperature devices. Diameter is 3/16″.


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Can I use this EGT probe with my ECU?

  • You must use an EGT amplifier with this probe such as the CAN-EGT or Innovate TC-4

How exactly do I install this probe?

  • It needs a compression fitting. We have several styles, sold separately.

Can I cut the leads if they are too long?

  • We do not recommend this as it is difficult to cut the leads cleanly. It is better to just coil them out of the way.

Should I use this probe or the "Black Stinger" version?

  • We recommend the Red Avenger probe for use if you are running it upstream of the turbo. While it is unlikely that a Black Stinger's open tip will break off, this is a remote possibility and could damage the turbo. We have never heard of the end breaking off on a Red Avenger.
  • If you do not have a turbo, or are measuring post-turbine temperatures, the Black Stinger probes will respond a bit faster.