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Race Technology Dash2Pro
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Choose the DASH2 PRO Advanced Vehicle Display System and add these powerful options:

  • GPS and Data Logging 

A complete data logger and display in a single compact package. Featuring lap and sector times along with live timeslip using GPS.  Data is logged to internal memory and downloaded via USB.

  • Advanced Options Bundle

            Car computer functions

-Alarms based on time for power on, time for engine on, time over a certain RPM
-Low fuel warning based on number of laps, distance, or time remaining.

           Advanced alarms

-Configure alarms based on up to three conditions
-Multiple options for clearing alarms
-Trigger low side driver outputs based on alarms
-Multiple display options when alarms triggered

          Advanced shiftlights

-Use shiftlights to display any variable
-Enable different shiftlights in each gear
-Change colour options for shiftlights

         Advanced RPM scale

-Use a different variable to drive the bargraph
-Configure a different RPM scale at low temperature

         Advanced unit control inputs

-Use an analogue input to switch between screens at different voltages
-Use analogue inputs as extra buttons to give up to 16 extra buttons

         Advanced screen display functions

-Apply custom update rates and filtering to each displayed value
-Hide variables on the screen unless certain conditions are met
-Apply custom formula to each displayed value

         Advanced lap timing display

-Display additional lap timing information across the bottom of the screen
-Display maximum cornering force, minimum cornering speed or maximum speed for each sector
-Display detailed and summary lap timing statistics at the end of each session

What does the DASH2 PRO do?

The DASH2 PRO is a vehicle display system that has everything required to pass an IVA test (road legal) so you can replace your entire vehicle dashboard with the DASH2 PRO unit. The unit displays sensor data in the user’s preferred units, and warnings can also be set for critical channels. The unit has 5 screens of data which can be scrolled through using buttons (not supplied). The unit is configured using PC software via USB cable connection. Displayed data, units, alarms, shiftlights, RPM scale etc is all configurable to the user’s exact requirements. Lap and sector times can be displayed as GPS lap/sector markers are passed (requires GPS data logging option or connection to one of our GPS data loggers).

What are the standard features of the DASH2 PRO?

The standard features of the DASH2 PRO are:

  • Road legal dashboard, everything you need for an MOT and IVA test including warning lights.
  • Transflective LCD display with back light, clearly visible under any lighting conditions.
  • Integrated high brightness shiftlights.
  • Fully configurable and suitable for any engine installation.
  • Water resistant – suitable for open top and motorcycle applications.
  • Gear position indicator calculated or via gear box sensor.
  • Set different shiftlight brightness for day and night.
  • Monitor your engine with high/low alarms.
  • 5 user defined screens to display the information you want.
  • Can be set up for MPH/miles or KPH/km.
  • Configurable peak RPM feature and RPM scale.
  • The LCD contrast and backlight brightness can be adjusted to your preference, in both day and night modes.
  • When the alarms are triggered the backlight will also flash for a more noticeable warning.
  • Reset any variables or a group of variables using an assigned button.
  • Use the powerful processing to perform calculations on live data and display the results live.

The following Enhancement Options can be added to your cart by selecting the appropriate check box on the right.

Enhancement Options (Additional lead time is required for Enhancement Options Customization- typically 24-48 hours- Expect a small shipping delay)

  • DASH2PRO Button Set
  • 6g Accelerometers

An upgrade to the 2g accelerometers in the GPS data logging option. 6g accelerometers are recommended for use on high downforce vehicles, where more grip is available.

  • CAN Transmit Option

With this option the unit can transmit any of the internal data channels on the CAN bus at a rate determined by the configuration.  A .DBC file is provided with the default channel data and decoding information to make use with third party CAN reception systems much easier.  Data for transmission on the CAN bus could be from the internal sensors (GPS, accelerometer, gyro, analog channels, etc.) or from the serial input from an ECU interface or other unit attached to the serial port.  The transmission rate for each channel can be individually configured at rates of up to 100Hz. Transmission can use 29bit or 11bit addressing at a number of different baud rates.

  • Low Side Drivers and 4 Extra Analogue Channels

Low side output drivers and 4 extra analogue inputs is the option you will require if you want to switch on/off external systems automatically using your DASH2 PRO. This control can be simple or based on a complicated custom equation between various channel data. This option also enables the 4 additional analogue channels, making a total of 8.

  • PWM Output Controller Enhancement

The PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) output controller generates a pulsed output between 100-1000Hz, at a duty cycle controlled by a user equation. This output allows for a fine control of an output system rather than just a simple on/off control. This is ideal for water injection systems etc.


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