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MegaSquirt CAN Interface Module for RacePak


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The RacePak-CAN Interface Module seamlessly connects your IQ3 Display or Logger Dash to your MS3-Pro, MSPNP, MS3, MS2 or MicroSquirt Engine Management System for CAN communication.

The RacePak dash can read up to 20 data channels from the MS3-Pro. Just plug it into the back of the RacePak dash, and run the two wires to the ECU CANBus wires.

Not required for the IQ3S dash.

What firmware do I need to use this?

    • You will need MS2/Extra 3.4.0 or MS3 1.4.0 or later firmware to use this module.

What MegaSquirt products does this module work with?

    • MS3-Pro
    • MSPNP Gen 2
    • MSPNP Pro
    • MicroSquirt
    • MS2 V3.0 or V3.57
    • MS3 V3.0 or V3.57

Do I need to add any modifications to the MegaSquirt to use this?

    • MSPNP, MS3-Pro, and MicroSquirt units do not require any changes other than using the appropriate firmware. If you are using a regular MS2 or MS3, you will need to make sure the CANbus jumpers (JS6 and JS8) are connected.

Can I bring RacePak V-Net data into the ECU using this module?

    • Current firmware does not support this.

What do I need to connect this module to a UDX series dash?

  • The UDX has a “bump” on the back that prevents this from plugging V-Net modules into it directly. You’re going to need an extension cable, such as Racepak part 280-CA-VM-006, which installs in between the UDX and this module.

Questions & Answers

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    Communication is one way - the Racepak dash can read the MS3Pro variables, but not the other way around.