JimStimX Expansion Board – Assembled
JimStimX Expansion Board – AssembledJimStimX Expansion Board – AssembledJimStimX Expansion Board – Assembled

JimStimX Expansion Board – Assembled


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The regular JimStim can test the main board on your MS3. But what if you’d like to see the inputs and outputs on the MS3X expansion card in action, too? Now it’s easy – just add a JimStimX! Use the three pull-off jumpers on the JimStim to connect the 5 volt power, ground, and cam signal to the JimStimX, and you can test the outputs with the LEDs and use the DIP switch and three trim pots to control the four on/off and three analog inputs. Fully assembled and ready to plug in to your MS3X.

Requires a JimStim for proper operation, sold separately.


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Do I use this board or a regular JimStim to test an MS3?

  • You would use both of these boards, connected with jumper wires. The JimStim plugs into the main board connector, while this board connects to the MS3X.

Where is this board assembled?

  • We assemble them in Suwanee, Georgia, USA.