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Innovate OT-2 OBD-II to WiFi Interface


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Winner of the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine Editors’ Choice award for 2010!

The OT-2 captures data from an OBD-II port, CANBus, or an Innovate log chain, and transmits over WiFi to an iPhone, iPod Touch, or laptop. The software for the iPhone is a free download, available here.

Innovate OT-2 OBD-II to WiFi Interface is incredibly useful on your OBD-II equipped car. Use it to: see why your Check Engine light is on and help get your car emissions legal; watch your car’s efficiency to improve your driving habits and wring as much mileage out of your car as you can; or use it to record your performance at the dragstrip or race track for ongoing improvement. Combine with other Innovate devices to record things your OBD-II port doesn’t measure. For example, if you want to record your EGTs and play them back alongside the RPM and throttle position from the ECU, just add a TC-4 and daisy chain it to your OT-2.

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What sort of smart phones does this work with?

It connects to your iPhone over WiFi. Android phones are not currently supported.

Does it support other devices besides iPhones?

Yes, it can also work with an iPad or iPod Touch.

What sort of data does it gather?

The OBD2 data will depend on the vehicle, but it can at least gather diagnostic codes and frequently more information. If you connect it to an Innovate Log Chain, it can get other data such as wideband O2 sensor readings, EGT, RPM, and more. You can even use it to record air/fuel ratio on a per cylinder basis if you have a wideband for each cylinder.

Can it connect to MegaSquirt?

Sorry, this device is specific to Innovate. There are separate applications that can connect MegaSquirt to Android or IOS devices.

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