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Innovate MTX-L Powersports Gauge - Sensor - Controller - 3845

Innovate MTX-L Powersports Gauge – Sensor – Controller – 3845


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Note: This product is discontinued; this page remains archived for informational purposes.

Innovate’s MTX-L gauge is an integrated wideband controller and gauge into one compact, water resistant package that fits a standard 52 mm gauge cup. Like the XD-16, this one allows for interchangable faceplates and bezels, so you can swap black and silver bezels and white and black gauge faces. Two analog outputs and one digital output allow interfacing with ECUs like the MegaSquirt or other Innovate devices. For example, you could plug this into an OT-2 to send wideband data to your iPhone.

Innovate set this one up so it can display lambda or air/fuel ratios for most common fuels, not just gasoline!. Gasoline, diesel, methanol, E85, and propane will all display correctly when the gauge is set for them. Diesel owners will appreciate that in diesel mode, it will show AFRs as lean as 99.9:1. Other fuels are displayed from 0.5 to 1.52 lambda – 7.35:1 to 22.4 for gasoline, for example.

This includes the sensor, gauge, 3 foot sensor cable, sensor mounting bung, a cable to connect to a laptop, and a CD for the laptop.

This is the “powersports edition” of the regular 3844. It’s identical except the shorter sensor cable – the sensor and cable together add up to 4.5 feet, making it easier to install on motorcycles, ATVs, and other small vehicles where the 8 foot sensor cable on the regular 3844 might be a bit of a pain to deal with. Otherwise, it’s the exact same thing as the regular MTX-L.

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Does it include mounting hardware?

  • Yes. It includes a “cage” to help mount in a flat panel, as well as a small wiring harness.

Will it fit in a gauge cup?

  • The MTX-L will fit in many gauge pods or cups meant for 52 mm gauges.

What fuels is this wideband compatible with?

  • Yes, it will support gasoline, ethanol, methanol, diesel fuel, propane, and CNG.  Note that the minimum measurable AFR is 0.5 lambda. If you’re using methanol as a substitute for an intercooler, it may not be able to read mixtures that rich.

What sensor is included?

  • A Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor is included.

How is this different from part number 3844?

  • The only difference is the length of the wideband sensor cable.  The 3845 has a  3′ sensor cable; the 3844 has a 8′ cable.   Generally speaking, the 3845 is better suited for powersports or other small engine applications and the 3844 is used in full size vehicles.

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