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Innovate Motorsports LM2 Pro with Dual O2 Sensors - 3807

Innovate Motorsports LM2 Pro with Dual O2 Sensors – 3807



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Innovate Motorsports LM-2 with dual O2 sensors


Innovate’s new LM-2 combines a wideband controller, an OBD-2 scan tool, and a data logger, all-in-one handheld package. Like the LM-1 before it, this one monitors the air/fuel ratio with a Bosch LSU 4.2 wideband sensor, and records information to its memory for playback later. Also like the LM-1, it has two programmable analog outputs that you can use to send the information about your air/fuel ratio to an aftermarket ECU like the Megasquirt, or to a gauge or a dyno computer. The one on this catalog page also has two O2 sensor inputs (not pictured).

Innovate gave their data logger a major redesign. They started with an improved and revised version of their “Direct Digital” wideband control circuit for precise measurement. This one compensates for changes in altitude, temperature, and sensor condition. No more just trusting the calibration resistor here – you can recalibrate it as the sensor ages. Innovate added many new features: they moved the data logging memory to a removable SD card (included with the LM-2) so you can bring along more cards if you need a whole race day’s worth of recording. They also added the ability to scan OBD-2 ECUs using either the OBD port or a CAN bus. The LM-2 can log 16 channels of data though the OBD-2, letting you analyze what your stock engine is doing. It can also log data from other Innovate MTS products, allowing 32 channels of data logging in all.

Here’s the full rundown of features:

  • Patented “Direct Digital” Wideband Technology
  • Wideband O2 Compatible with ALL fuel types
  • Single or Dual Channel Version Available
  • OBD-II Scan tool- read/clear DTCs and log up to 16 channels of CAN OBD-II Data
  • Log directly to SD card (included)
  • Playback log data on screen and/or with powerful LogWorks software (included)
  • Large high-contrast graphics LCD
  • Built-in RPM converter (direct frequency or with optional inductive clamp)
  • 4 fully-differential analog inputs
  • 2 configurable linear analog outputs
  • Positive lock connectors for all connections
  • Innovate MTS serial IN and OUT
  • USB connection to your PC

This package includes the LM-2, two wideband sensors, two 10 foot sensor cable, cigarette lighter power adapter, SD memory card, carrying case, quick start guide, LogWorks CD, two oxygen sensor bung and plug, and all the cables needed to hook it up to your laptop, OBD and CAN ports, and its analog outputs.

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What sensor is included with this wideband system?

  • The LM-2 #3807 includes (2) Bosch LSU 4.9 sensors.

Will the LM-2 work with an LSU 4.2?

  • Technically yes, but the included cable only works with an LSU 4.9 sensor.  A cable such as Innovate 3828 would be required if you had an older LSU 4.2 sensor that you needed to use.

Can I install it permanently in a car?

  • The LM-2 was intended for temporary use in a vehicle, but it could be permanently mounted if desired.

What is the difference between the LM-2 #3807 and the LM-2 #3806?

  • Both packages include Innovate’s deluxe LM-2 system with OBD2 interface, carrying case, and accessories.  The 3807 has 2 wideband controllers and sensors, where the 3806 is a single channel model.

Can the #3806 single channel model be upgraded to support dual channels?

  • No.  If you need 2 wideband channels, please go with the #3807.

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