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Innovate G3 Analog Gauge ONLY – 3804


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Use an Innovate G3 gauge to display your air-fuel readings. This one uses icy blue numbers for a modern look. It’s 2 1/16″ (52 mm) in diameter and fits standard gauge pods. It uses a precision stepper motor to give it a wide sweep. It’s illuminated for easy viewing at night.


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What else do I need with this?

  • You will need to wire this gauge to an LC-1 or LC-2 wideband system to provide an air/fuel ratio signal. It could be used with an LM-1 or LM-2 as well, although these usually aren’t intended for permanent installation on the vehicle.

Is this gauge compatible with other wideband controllers besides Innovate’s?

  • Possibly. You would need to be able to program your wideband controller to produce the same output voltage signal as Innovate’s.

What voltage signal is it looking for?

  • It needs 0 volts to display 7.35:1 and 5 volts to display 22.39:1.

Does it include mounting hardware?

  • Yes. It includes a “cage” to help fit behind a hole in a flat panel, as well as a small wiring harness.

Will it fit in a gauge cup?

  • This will fit in most gauge pods or cups meant for 52 mm gauges.

Can it work for other fuel than gasoline?

  • It’s really only meant to display gasoline AFRs. You could potentially adjust the wideband’s output curve to get it to display AFRs for fuels with a similar stoichiometric ratio such as diesel or propane, but not ethanol or methanol.

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