DIYBOB Breakout Adapter – Nippon Denso 52 pin
Nippondenso 52 pin

DIYBOB Breakout Adapter – Nippon Denso 52 pin

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The DIYBOB is an exclusive breakout board from that allows you to easily build professional adapter harnesses connecting the engine management system of your choice to a wide variety of cars.  The DIYBOB includes an OEM style connector, circuit board, and an anodized aluminum case for a professional appearance. This one fits cars with a 52 pin Nippon Denso ECU. See the DIYBOB main page for an application list. Use it to adapt a MegaSquirt, MicroSquirt, or any other ECU of your choice to the OEM wiring.


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What engine management systems can I use this with?

  • This breakout board is not specific to any particular engine management. You can use it with any ECU that is capable of running your engine and has the features you need.

How exactly do I connect my ECU to this one?

  • Start with a harness that has the ECU on one end and the other end unfinished. Run it in through the grommets on the back of the case, and then solder it to the main board.