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Aeromotive 11106 700HP fuel pump

Aeromotive 11106 A750 fuel pump


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This is a great little fuel pump that has taken a while finding the right name. It’s previously been sold as the “700 hp” or “Tsunami” before settling on the current A750 designation.

Compact, quiet and durable, these billet in-line pumps are ideal for medium HP applications and mild turbo builds. Perfect for street rods and muscle cars, fuel injected or carbureted.

Fuel Injected Engines:
up to 700 HP – naturally aspirated
up to 500 HP – forced air induction

Carbureted Engines:
up to 900 HP – naturally aspirated
up to 700 HP – forced air induction

  • ORB-8 inlet ports and ORB-6 outlet ports.
  • Compact size facilitates easy mounting.
  • For EFI applications use regulator P/N 13101 or P/N 13109.
  • For Carbureted applications use regulator P/N 13204 or P/N 13301.
  • Fully submersible for custom, in-tank placement.

Download instructions from Aeromotive’s website HERE.

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Does this include mounting hardware?

  • Yes, it includes the clamps shown in the picture.

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    They're brand new - we buy them directly from Aeromotive.