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755 Piece Weather Pack Kit

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755 Piece Weather Pack Kit



Our Weather Pack kits contains everything you need to get your project done right!  We’ve used other connector kits available on the market in projects around the shop and they never quite met our expectations.  So in typical DIYAutoTune style, we stepped it up and made them better!  We’ve included more than enough crimp terminals to get the job done right, and in several different sizes to ensure the connection is as secure as possible, even when you’re using lots of different wiring sizes in your harness. This kit picks up where our 460 piece kit leaves off, adding not only the 6 pin connectors, but also the seldom seen 5 pin connectors, and of course plenty of extra pins in case any crimps don’t turn out quite right.

755 Piece Weatherpack Kit Includes:

(4) 6 position male and female connectors
(3) 5 position male and female connectors
(6) 4 position male and female square connectors
(5) 4 position male and female flat connectors
(6) 3 position male and female connectors
(6) 2 position male and female connectors
(6) 1 position male and female connectors
(70) 20-18 gauge female pins
(70) 20-18 gauge male pins
(70) 16-14 gauge female pins
(70) 16-14 gauge male pins
(23) 12 gauge female pins
(23) 12 gauge male pins
(140) Green 20-18 gauge seals
(140) Gray 16-14 gauge seals
(46) Blue 12 gauge seals
(30) Plugs
(1) Terminal removal tool

weatherpack 755

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5 reviews for 755 Piece Weather Pack Kit

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What did you put into your kit to make it an improvement on the competition?

  • We’ve made sure you have enough pins for all the connectors, plus a few spares. And we have included all three pin sizes, as the Weather Pack pins are not one size fits all – they have three different sizes to get reliable fitment and sealing on different wire sizes. This kit will accommodate 20 to 12 gauge wire.

What is the maximum rated current?

  • At room temperature, Delphi’s maximum current recommendation is 16 amps for 20-18 gauge wire and 20 amps for 16 gauge and above – note that this is often more than the wire can handle. For temperature derating curves, see this page on Delphi’s site.

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    Crimpers are sold separately in the Tools section of our website.