4-way Modular Fuse Block
4-way Modular Fuse Block4-way Modular Fuse Block

4-way Modular Fuse Block


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Delphi (Packard) 4 position modular fuse block. Exactly the same thing that OEMs have been using in their wiring harnesses for decades. We’ve included 10 crimp on terminals, and left them on a bus bar which you can cut as needed to put several fuses on a single common feed if you want to do this. These have screw tabs to attach to any flat surface, and the T-slots on the side let you stack these together to assemble them into larger fuse blocks if you want. Gives a much cleaner look to fuse installations than just having inline fuse holders going everywhere. This fuse block is not sealed; it will work for underhood use in a typical street car, but we don’t recommend for applications that may get submerged in water. Maximum current is 40 amps per fuse.


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