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2000 cc/min High Impedance 14 mm Injector


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For when too much is not enough, offers injectors with an enormous 2000 cc/min flow rate! These use a 14 mm O-ring and a Nippondenso style connector. Use the right connectors and they can be run on most American V8s, from Ford 5.0s to LS series GM and Chrysler’s 3rd generation Hemi.

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How much horsepower will these injectors support?

  • We recommend this for engines making up to 310 hp per cylinder naturally aspirated or 260 hp per cylinder on forced induction. These numbers are for gasoline; the maximum horsepower will be lower on alcohol.

Questions & Answers

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    It can be used for either one. If using them with methanol, you'll want to flush them with gasoline after every race, however.

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    Currently not, although they are available from places that specialize in automotive wiring or injectors. We may add the pigtails if there's enough interest.