MegaSquirt ‘MegaMeet 2009’

Posted on March 15, 2009

Annual MegaSquirt event Hosted by

Thanks to everyone that came out and for those that helped with the presentations and all for helping to make this a very successful meet.  In all we pretty easily had 120+ people out which is easily double that of any past meet, there was alot of new information shared (MS3!) and alot of cool people to chat with.  I think good times were had by all.

Just looking at tags in the parking lot and talking to people, we had people here from Georgia (of course), Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland, Virginia, Michigan, and then from as far away as Canada and the U.K.!

We’ll have some videos up in due time, but in the meantime, here are the presentation powerpoint files, and some pics that we took.  Kyle (from will have some more pictures posted soon as well as all of the mountains of video he took.  We’ll update this page with that when it’s available.

Presentations from MegaMeet 2009:

In case you missed it, download and view some of the presentation material here!

MegaSquirt Fundamentals
Intellitach – Death to tach signal noise
X-Tau – What it means and how it works
MSII Sequencer, MegaSquirt-III, and MicroSquirt Module Introduction
MicroSquirt Module In-Depth*
Peter Florance on getting started with MegaSquirt

Pictures from MegaMeet 2009: