MegaSquirt ‘MegaMeet 2008’

Posted on January 2, 2008

Hosted by


When:  April 19th, 2008

Where:’s home base in Suwanee, GA just North of Atlanta.  See detailed directions below.

What:  The Annual MegaMeet is the opportunity to come and hang out with all of the major car geeks that make the MegaSquirt project happen.  Just about everyone that’s played a major role in the project from early on, which of course includes Bowling and Grippo and most of the masses of contributors that have made this project possible.  If you can think of a name that you’ve heard, a firmware / tuning software / etc coder or contributor, or documentation person, or support guy, or just hardcore ‘when I bleed it MegaSquirts out of my body’ type of guys/gals they will very likely be there.  We’ve had people travel from as far as the UK to be here and that’s happening again this year I believe.

So what do we really do?

Well, you’ll get a glimpse at upcoming hardware and get to hear all the skinny on it.  Tuning software as well.  Anything MS related that’s in the works or coming together… it will likely be here and you’ll see it first.  So basically we gather around, geek out, ooo’s and aaa’s are heard, we check out each other’s rides, throw em’ on the dyno and see what they can do, have some food, have some more formal discussion times where upcoming hardware/software can be shown off and/or technical concepts can be discussed/explored, and generally just have a good time.

There is plenty of parking on-site, even with another event that is going on in the area.  Plenty of room to hang out here…





We’ll firm this schedule up more soon, but here’s what we’ve got now.


Friday 4/18

People start rolling in in the afternoon/evening, get settled in at the hotel, we grab a bite to eat, have a beer if you want it, and hang out until ??

OK it’s official– There’s an Applebees right next to the Fairfield Inn Hotel most people are staying at, those who can, will meet there at around 8pm or so, casually as others show up at the hotel and check in, come on over and join us! If we’re not there anymore, you’d probably already know it by the large crowd of guys/sometimes gals geeking out over some car in the hotel parking lot.  Actually, that’s likely to be happening even if we are still over at Applebees, so pick your poison…

APPLEBEES SUWANEE  —  8pm or so until sometime after that…
125 Gwinco Blvd
Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: 770.945.1352

Saturday 4/19

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • We’ll meet at the shop and have the dyno open from around 10am until around 2-3pm, maybe a bit longer.  Power pulls only.  $20 per car for three pulls.  That’s dirt cheap and will pay poor Justin a few bucks for being stuck on the dyno all day while the rest of you have fun.  Signup for dyno pulls by emailing Justin at  (include full name, cell #, type of car, expected #’s if you have an idea)
    • Dyno schedule will be 10am-3pm or so.  If you’re not signed up, you very likely won’t get a pull, so sign up!
    • Bring $20 cash for your pulls to keep it easy…


  • Discussion/Tech Sessions including the following topics:
    • 1:00pm      Bruce Bowling- EMS Intro & Theory –1hr
    • 2:00pm      Dave A. —  What’s new with MegaTunix?
    • 2:15pm      Andy Whittle/Peter Florance/Bill Lucas- Practical Installation tips and Bringing it all online.  Best practices for wiring/installation.  Avoiding, detecting, and correcting electrical noise. — 1.5hrs
    • 3:45pm      Bruce/Al – New & Upcoming Hardware and/or updates — MSII Sequencer / MicroSquirt / GPIO / JectorRate / DisplayBloc –1hr
    • 4:45pm      Phil Tobin– ‘TunerStudio MS’ Software Demonstration — 30 minutes
    • 5:15pm      Mike Gionfriddo and Christopher Ladden-  LCDash demonstation and Q&A-  check out the latest features in the new firmware! –30min
    • 5:45pm      Bruce- MicroSquirt Quick Tech– Setting up dual spark mode –15 minutes


Saturday night, more food, beer if you want, and more hanging out in parking lots staring at cars and laptops until ??

There’s no telling what else may happen, we’ve completely fabbed an EFI system up for a car and had it dialed in and driving away by the end of the weekend before–


Sunday 4/20

Breakfast at the hotel and people start to go their own way…..




Where to stay?

We’ve arranged a group rate at the Fairfield Inn Suwanee.  There are currently 15 rooms blocked out.

3 Doubles @ $72 each

2 King rooms @ $72 each

10 King Suites @ $76 each  <– these could be considered the ‘nice doubles’.  Has one King bed and a foldout, so someone will be on the foldout couch, but it’s a big room and has a flat screen TV on the wall.


Fairfield Inn Suwanee

105 Gwinco Blvd.

Suwanee, GA 30024

Phone Numbers:  800-228-2800 is direct to reservations, or call 770-932-9292 and they can transfer you. 

Group Name (for the group rate) is ‘MegaSquirt Meet’ at the ‘Suwanee, GA Fairfield Inn’

You have until March 28th to reserve your room or they will be released.

My guess is the King Suites will go fast!




If you’re flying in, you want to fly into Hartsfield.  It’s a massive airport, and most of it is dedicated to Delta.  That means you’ll likely get the best ticket rates on Delta…


Directions from Hartsfield Airport to the Fairfield Inn

From the Atlanta Hartsfield Internation Airport, take 85N.  Stay on 85 through Atlanta, you’ll have to stay in the left lanes when 75/85 split.

Stay on 85N, exit at 111, Lawrenceville Suwanee Rd.

Turn RIGHT on L’ville Suwanee Rd.

Take your first RIGHT on Gwinco Blvd.

The Fairfield Inn is at 105 Gwinco Blvd on the right.



Directions from the Fairfield Inn to

Turn LEFT out of the Hotel onto Gwinco Blvd.

Turn LEFT onto Lawrenceville Suwanee Road.

Go about .8 miles and turn LEFT onto Satellite Blvd.

Go about a mile a turn RIGHT onto McGinnis Ferry.

Go about .5 miles and you’ll cross a concrete bridge, immediately after the bridge turn LEFT on Burnette road.

Take your first LEFT onto Burnette Park Drive.

We’re the second building on the right, 3690 Burnette Park Drive.  In the back, suites D and E.


The address for is:

3690D Burnette Park Drive

Suwanee, GA 30024