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AMP EFI Clinic

AMP EFI Clinic is a hands-on, two day tuning course for end users, dealers and professional tuners teaching installation, configuration, and calibration of a modern engine management system in a *real world* environment with bona fide, competition experienced instructors. Even if you are new to tuning, this could certainly be your fast track!

Scott Clark, tuner for Larry Larson's World's Quickest Street Car and James 'Doc' McEntire's 2015 Drag Week's Quickest All Motor Street Car will facilitate the course using a fully instrumented competition engine. Each participant will put their hands on, configure and tune their own ECU (a full-featured MS3-Pro EMS), and will test their calibrations on a live running engine.

From basic configuration and start up to the most advanced features and power management. Limited to 25 participants.

Our learning environment provides each participant:

Light breakfast, refreshments, drinks and lunch will be provided.

Laptops are required for this course.

Ready to get your hands on some real world EFI tuning?

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Check out the gallery from one of our previous AMPEFI Clinics hosted at Karl Performance in Des Moines, IA

AMPEFI Clinic at Karl Performance in Des Moines, IA View AMPEFI Gallery on DropBox